For Shooters by Shooters

Products created in the USA for shooters to fill specific needs

Fixture plate for Neo Handle Holders

Tuner F Open

I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in a tuner. So I decided to create one. Fine pitch threads and larger thread diameter makes this tuner easy to install and easy to use. Made from 304 stainless steel it weighs 2.625 ounces.

Tuner FTR

A tuner just for the FTR crowd.  Fine thread pitch and .8125 thread diameter will fit most tapered barrels. Your barrel will need to be a diameter of .913" 5/8 of an inch back from the muzzle. See Drawing. This tuner is made from 304 stainless and weighs 1.375 ounces.

SEB NEO Handle Holders

Never forget your handle again, store it on your rest.  After making a set of these on a manual mill, several shooters asked for a set. The CNC maching made life much easier.  Made of solid delrin each part takes 4 operations, some on 4th axis, to complete.